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メンバー紹介 - Chris





Chrisから一言:自己紹介 (英語版を抜粋して上述しているので日本語訳も抜粋です)

アメリカからきたChrisです。ニューヨークに住んでいた時には、自らデザインして木製家具を作るのが趣味でした。家の家具は全てハンドメイドしたものでした。日本へ来てからはまだ作っていませんが、そろそろ再開したいと考えいます。ランニングも真剣で、毎日15km走ってます。すごく時間がかかりますが、その疲労感がたまりません。論理数学、物理学、コンピュータサイエンスを学ぶのも好きです。他にも色々とリサーチをしていますが、日本語の勉強再開から他はなかなか手をつけられていません。私のバックグラウンドは元々はコンピュータサイエンスではなく物理学でした。5年間CERNのLarge Hadron Colliderで働きまして、いまだ解明されていない粒子に関する仮説理論の構築を行っていました。物事がどのように仕組み作られているかを学ぶことが好きで、それは数学、物理学、機械学習、家具作り、食事と共通していると思います。つまり、何か新しいことを作り上げる仕組みを作ることが大好きです。

I’m from the US (New York/Chicago/Washington DC).

In my early years of school, 1st-4th grade, I was in a japanese immersion program at my school, where half of the day was taught in English and half was taught in Japanese. I’ve since completely forgotten almost everything but I’ve been interested in the culture ever since. Unlike many foreigners who move to Japan, I’m less interested in the anime, manga and video games subculture and am more interested in the surrounding nature, vibrant city, and easy going daily life of Japan. But to be honest the main reason I’m here is the food: zaru soba, hokkaido soup curry and simple teishoku are my favorite meals, and you can’t find them anywhere else.

Back when I lived in New York, I used to design, wood-work and make furniture. The furniture in our apartment was almost all handmade by me. I have not yet been able to continue since moving to Japan, but I hope to soon. I’m also an avid runner, I’ll run on average 15km a day, which can take up a lot of time but I enjoy the feeling of being tired. I also enjoy learning theoretical math/physics/computer science, I try to keep up with the current research although that has been more difficult in the past few years, especially since I’m trying to relearn Japanese.

My background actually isn’t in computer science but in physics. I spent about 5 years working on an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN where we were looking for a theorized hypothetical particle, which, as is usually the case, we found no evidence of. After I finished my PhD, I made the switch to machine learning/deep learning, and have been doing so ever since. I enjoy learning about how things work, so that I can design and create on my own. Whether it be math, physics, machine learning, woodworking or food, my addiction is the act of learning how to create new things.



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